G60 Decked Out Cooler Special - White

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Special Includes:
- G60 (60 qt) Hard Shelled White Cooler with Custom Graphics on Lid and Front.

- 2 30 oz Polar Camel Engraved Tumblers

- Free Shipping

These are great gifts for show awards, livestock enthusiasts, tailgate fanatics and boaters!

Upon purchase, we will contact you for customization details the week of November 29th.

Rotomolded Icon
Our coolers are made from rotationally-molded LLDPE plastic and are designed to achieve even wall thicknesses for optimal durability.

IGBC Certified
Bear Proof Cooler Icon
All Grizzly Hardside coolers are IGBC certified.

Thermal Properties
- Grizzly Coolers
All hard-sided coolers are pressure injected with up to two inches of polyurethane foam.

Integrated Hinge
Integrated Hinge Icon
The hinge is built with integrated interlocking design to withstand the toughest situations..

Bearclaw™ Latch
- Grizzly Coolers
The Bearclaw™ latches are a Grizzly exclusive design. Easy to use, interchangeable, and retain a bear grip on the lid.

Dry Ice Compatible
- Grizzly Coolers
Our coolers are dry ice compatible.

Locking System
- Grizzly Coolers
Each hardside cooler comes with two lock holes to keep your cooler secure and your contents safe.

2″ Tiedown Slots
- Grizzly Coolers
Each cooler comes with tie-down slots to help keep your cooler secure in your truck, boat or UTV.

Silicone Rubber Gasket
- Grizzly Coolers
Our lids seal with a silicone rubber gasket to keep cold air trapped extending the longevity of your ice.

2″ Drain
2 Inch Cooler Drain Plug Icon
The 2” Drain allows for quick and complete draining of your cooler.

Grip/Slick Feet
Grip Feet Icon
Grip Feet prevent your cooler from sliding, or attach the Slick Feet (included) for easy mobility.

Molded-In Handles
Molded Handles Icon
Built in molded handles for easy carry. Part of the Dual Handle System.